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Dr Thor Conner
Naturopathic Physician

Welcome to the Dr Thor's website.

Modern Naturopathic medicine combines the ancient wisdom of the arts passed down to us with the most modern, evidence based, diagnostic and therapeutic methods. Find out how we can help.

Pressure Point Massage

Thorapy. It Hurts so Good!

Over nearly thirty years of hands on experience and a vast range of therapies, Dr Thor has created his own, very effective type of bodywork. Thorapy has roots stemming from Swedish and Shiatsu, NMT, PNF, Deep Tissue, stretching, joint manipulation and Cranio-sacral to the more energetic Reiki, medical intuition, and aura and chakra balancing,

When combined with Dr Thor's unparalleled understanding of human anatomy. no painful, achey muscles stand a chance.


Naturopathic Medicine

With our individualized approach to patient care, treating the person more than the disease, NDs can treat almost any condition. (WA law prevents us from treating cancer alone). From allergies, digestive disorders, skin and endocrine disorders to diabetes and chronic infections, most conditions are well addressed with the bottom up approach that naturopathic medicine brings.

Bamboo Spa Pool

Long Covid Therapy

The fallout from post infectious COVID-19 can be long lasting and does not follow a predictable pattern. Most cases will involve a general malaise and brain fog, but a growing number of seemingly unrelated symptoms can trace their origin to post covid infection. The individualized approach of naturopathic care provides a versatile and effective set of therapies that fit the individual symptom picture.

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